MS Builders is:

  • Responsible, reliable, responsive
  • Attention to detail from start to finish
  • Expertise in green building techniques, products & processes

Marc Susskind and his team at MS Builders enjoy working locally on all aspects of residential remodels and new construction. Marc has been building for the past 20 years and has been a licensed general contractor since 2001, the year he founded MS Builders. He maintains excellent relationships with local subcontractors, suppliers, architects, designers, planners and building inspectors. MS Builders and his crew are well-respected and liked by their clients, who regularly refer them to new projects. They are honored to be able to build locally and can often be found biking to work.

As a general contractor and project manager, you can expect Marc to be organized, realistic and informative. He will keep in close contact with you from beginning to end to ensure your project progresses in the most efficient and professional manner possible. In addition, he is “on the tools” with his personable and skilled crew on each job and thus has a hands-on approach to managing and communicating with clients and subcontractors. You will receive information and suggestions about green building aspects, choices of appropriate materials, ways to save money and innovative strategies to meet your goals.

Remodels ultimately come with surprises, sometimes fortuitous, sometimes challenging. MS Builders is experienced with problem-solving around all aspects of construction and are able to resolve tricky situations with creativity and confidence.

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