MS Builders has always considered ourselves to be green builders. We are constantly pursuing construction methods that will be more time, energy and financially-efficient than what is considered the norm. Besides proficiency in utilizing standard building materials, MS Builders has worked on projects that have incorporated Insulated Concrete Form Blocks (Rastra), strawbale and lime plaster, solar electric, innovative insulation techniques (e.g. spray foam, cotton batts, cellulose), hydronic heating, refurbished materials, and numerous “green” products and finishes.

Today, clients have many green building choices and may focus on any or all aspects depending on budget, project specifics, personal philosophy, priorities and style. Green building includes intentional choices in:

  • project design
  • demolition
  • energy systems
  • water systems
  • materials and products (including sustainable, recycled/salvaged, non-toxic and local sources)

We can help you prioritize and sort through these options to result in a home that is beautiful, healthy, comfortable, functional, energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some examples of our green building projects