Whether you desire a kitchen or bathroom remodel or something more extensive, MS Builders has the experience to estimate costs and offer guidance. We have repaired foundations, lifted houses, added second stories and completed large interior and exterior historic restorations, skillfully blending existing and new construction.

Almar Remodel, Santa Cruz

Almar Remodel – Completed Spring 2024
This lower westside home built in the early 1950’s underwent a complete makeover, going from a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house that was becoming too cramped and crowded for the growing family. Peter Spellman designed a beautiful, airy and spacious home which added square footage, new bedrooms and baths, a beautiful modern kitchen, home office and a deck to accommodate kids play and dinner parties. The new home is beautiful and functional inside and out.

Seaside Remodel, Santa Cruz

Seaside Remodel – Completed Winter 2018
The original cottage on Seaside Street on Santa Cruz’s Lower Westside was originally built in 1930 but underwent a series of remodels over the ensuing 85 years. In 2018, our clients decided to undertake a major overhaul in order to expand and beautify the home while maintaining their goal for an energy efficient and code compliant house. Although the bones of the house (mainly the foundation and some of the original framing) remained intact, the house was thoroughly modernized which included all new windows, doors, wood flooring, tile, kitchen (using recycled cabinetry), hydronic flooring, bathrooms, insulation and paint. Six months after we started gutting the house, a completely new structure emerged. The “Blue House” is a sight to behold.

West Cliff Remodel, Santa Cruz

We began this whole house remodel in late Fall of 2016 and weathered heavy rains and winds during the following 7 months. The basic concept with this remodel was to salvage the positives and improve upon the house and ADU both functionally and aesthetically. I think that we succeeded, mainly through the dynamic design and in material choices. The exterior of the house is clad in several different sidings all blending smoothly together. The interior of the main house was gutted, and almost every room was improved upon in some manner. There are 4 new bathrooms, a new kitchen, all new windows and doors, newly sanded and refinished wood floors and countless large and small features that enhance the overall space. The end result is a great looking home that blends in nicely to its incredible locale.

Chico Street Remodel, Santa Cruz

After working through a fairly wet El Nino Winter, we wrapped up this whole house remodel and addition in the Summer of 2016. We added extensive living and deck space, so the homeowners are now enjoying 180 degree views across Monterey Bay. The magnificent deck constructed out of the Brazilian hardwood ipe, affords amazing views and a comfortable area in which the owners may dine, entertain and relax. We also built two attached storage rooms and changed out almost every window and door throughout the house. The entire exterior received a fresh coat of stucco plus we built two functional yet pleasing steel and wood pergolas. Other details include the construction of a new living room over the existing garage, a new den which houses the Lucious gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings and an outdoor surf shower. The views from the second story are truly breathtaking!

Stockton Avenue, Santa Cruz

We completed this remodel in the summer of 2012. Over a 4 month period, the crew added two bedrooms including a spacious master now with ocean views along with two bathrooms to this former two bed/one bath single story residence. We also remodeled the kids’ playroom and rebuilt much of the garage increasing functionality and aesthetic value.

Meder Street, Santa Cruz

We recently completed an extensive remodel of this older cottage on the upper Westside. 600 square feet was added to the existing structure which was also completely remodeled. Salvaged material including flooring, decking and interior trim wood were all incorporated into this remodel which smoothly blends the old and new. Some of the other unique finishes used in this remodel include lime plaster walls and ceilings in the bathrooms, antique interior doors and hardware and original redwood ceilings sandblasted to reveal beautiful old redwood planking.

Berkeley Way, Santa Cruz

Completed in 2011, this remodel added two bedrooms, a full bath and an office/playroom to an older home in an historic neighborhood in mid-town Santa Cruz. The addition merged flawlessly with the existing structure, keeping its unique character intact while adding to the owners’ enjoyment of the space. Some of the unique features of this home include concrete countertops poured on-site and milled to match moldings to compliment the home’s historic feel.

Otis Street, Santa Cruz

Completed in 2008, this historic remodel of an 1895 Edwardian on Santa Cruz’s Westside, included the addition of a large master bedroom and bath, a kids playroom and an attached porch. The entire house from the foundation to finish received detailed attention to ensure that the structure remains standing in solid shape for another century.

Hebard Street, Santa Cruz

Completed in 2007, this extensive remodel added 2 new bedrooms, a full bath and a nook office. The addition not only blends well with the original home but also with the surrounding lower Westside neighborhood.

Redwood Street, Santa Cruz

Completed in 2006, this remodel transformed a small Westside Cottage through the addition of new bedrooms, a master bath, a large and airy kitchen, a new garage, high efficiency windows and doors and radiant heating.

Scotts Valley Project, Santa Cruz County

Completed in 2011, this remodel included the gutting of an existing storage room to make way for a warm and comfortable family room replete with new cabinetry, fireplace and stonework, insulation, flooring and lighting. The existing deck was also removed to make way for a new more structurally sound one with redwood supports, ipe decking and cable railing.