Whole house remodel on lower Westside – 2020
I loved working with Marc and his team and can’t recommend him enough. I have complete trust in his integrity and counsel. His team was always dependable and worked hard. They were flexible and professional. Our project ended up being much bigger than originally planned (a remodel that ended up going all the way down to the foundation) and I felt a great partnership with Marc. He also has fantastic and longstanding relationships with his subs – plumbing, electrical, painters, as well as the city, county, etc. People know him in the community and trust him which makes projects go much smoother. My sister has worked with him and we have referred him to two other friends over the past year.


Lower Westside ADU – 2018
MS Builders constructed an ADU for us this year on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Marc, his crews and subcontractors, were all exemplary, highly skilled, very pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We were particularly impressed with Marc and his team’s ability to adapt and innovate when necessary, helping us navigate and troubleshoot any problems. Our project began and ended in a timely manner and kept to budget! This kind of performance and professionalism only comes from someone who genuinely cares about the people he’s working with. And we love our ADU, it is a beautiful space for our family and guests. We strongly recommend Marc and MS Builders and look forward to contracting with them again for any of our future construction needs.

Fair Avenue Remodel Completed 2018
MS Builders recently completed an extensive remodel for us.  The final product ended up far beyond what we ever expected. Marc’s tight-knit team is professional, highly skilled and easy to work with.  They work efficiently to get the job done and are easy to communicate with.  We appreciated how clean they kept the project at all phases. The subs that Marc brought in were friendly and provided excellent and timely service. Marc was organized, always quick to respond and adapted positively to changes that we requested throughout the project. We would recommend Marc and his team emphatically. We are grateful for his conscientious work and look forward to our beautiful home.

Pasatiempo Remodel Completed 2017
MS Builders came to our rescue after we had a horrible experience with a contractor on the remodel of our home in Pasatiempo.  Due to the previous contractor’s mismanagement and dishonesty, our project was way behind schedule and construction problems were everywhere.  The project was about half way completed when we realized we had to fire the contractor.  At the time, I couldn’t imagine any contractor being willing to get involved.  Enter Marc with MS Builders.  He didn’t have to help us.  Our project was a mess.  He took it on any way and assisted us in getting our remodel completed.  We had a very difficult year even before the remodel started so his calm, positive attitude was a port in a storm.  What’s more, his crew mirrored the same calm and positive attitude Marc had and were fabulous to work with.  His guidance and his crew’s workmanship were outstanding.  He was always responsive to any text, email or phone call.  I have never worked with anyone so responsive.  Marc’s integrity was beyond compare and he went above and beyond for us on a number of occasions.  We finally moved into our beautiful home on March 1, but if not for MS Builders, our project would still be ongoing. I can’t say enough about MS Builders. I highly recommend them.

Marc and his amazing crew just finished our ADU and remodel of our attached home that our daughter, son-in-law and three grandkids now live in. Our experience with MS builders has been outstanding. The end result is that we have an ADU that is far beyond what we had expected. It is beautiful. Our extended family is thrilled with the additions to their home and our family compound is really a dream come true. Not a day went by that the project wasn’t in full swing. Every sub Marc uses is skilled and a true craftsperson. Marc is a wonderful communicator and his relaxed and professional manner made this project seamless. We feel so very lucky to have had Marc as our contractor.

Santa Cruz Gardens – ADU and main home remodel, completed Spring, 2016

We built an Accessory Dwelling unit in late 2014. We couldn’t have been more pleased than we were with MS Builders. Excellent communication, creative problem solving and willingness to cheerfully work out details early and often. We loved the crew so much it was like having our friends come to the house everyday to work. We genuinely missed them when they finished. Our project came in on time and within budget. We refer MS Builders to our friends without any reservations.

The Steinberg Family, Westside Santa Cruz

M.S. Builders recently built our new guest house. From the original design to the final painting, we were very happy with every stage of the process. Marc and his crew are top-notch. Marc is responsible, a good communicator, very cost conscious, and responsive to input and new ideas. Marc’s subs are excellent. The crew was pleasant to have around and kept the building site clean (no one smokes). We would definitely use them again. We could not be more pleased with this beautiful little home. Felton ADU completed in 2015

Felton ADU, completed in 2015

MS Builders built us an ADU for my Dad in our backyard. They did a fabulous job. We are more than pleased with the outcome.  He did a great job keeping our project on budget.  One of the best things was his crew. Everyone was skilled, kind, reliable and frequently expressed how much they enjoyed working with Marc. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family and/or use him for another project.

Mid-town ADU, completed in 2014

MS Builders built my granny unit. I had never undertaken a ground-up building project before. MS Builders ensured that this project ran smoothly. The workers were respectful, hard-working and kept my backyard clean, even during the building process. Marc clearly explained all costs and helped problem solve various building issues that came up during the building process. The end result is a beautiful granny unit that has improved my back yard tremendously.

Leslie Goodfriend, ADU project in the City of Santa Cruz, completed in 2010

As a local building designer, I have collaborated with Marc and his team at MS Builders on about a dozen projects during the past 10 years. From ground up new residences, extensive remodels and ADUs, MS Builders has consistently churned out quality work in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. Their work is top-notch and they all really take pride in their craft. MS Builders is an asset to our community, period.

Greg Heitzler, owner of Greg Heitzler Design

At all times working with MS Builders I found them punctual, pleasant, polite, efficient and professional. Communication was good in regards to all aspects of problem solving and trouble shooting. I almost wish we had another big project so I could see Marc’s crew daily whom I all regard as my friends now.

Tim & Liz, Hebard remodel project in the City of Santa Cruz, completed in 2007

Edge Painting has painted several of Marc’s projects. It is nice to work with a top notch crew; we can always count on a good working environment and quality workmanship. I would personally recommend MS Builders for your next project.

Jeff Edge, Painting Contractor

Five years ago MS Builders completed the remodel of our house in a most satisfactory manner. Marc Susskind made the experience a pleasure: his employees, suppliers and sub-contractors described Marc as a real “gentleman.” Since the remodel my husband and I have not seen another home we prefer.

Martha Vickers & Ron Parrish, Redwood remodel project in the City of Santa Cruz, completed in 2007

“Remodelling our entire home was one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever committed ourselves to. Marc and his team worked with us every step of the way, answering questions, problem solving, helping with schedules, product sourcing and pricing. Not only do they take their work of high quality craftsmanship seriously, they enjoy what they are doing. To hear and see them have such a good time building our home still makes me smile.”

Melissa and Jono Stevens, Berkeley Way remodel project in the City of Santa Cruz, completed in 2011

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with all the changes and updates. You and your crew are wonderful.

Sheree and Marcus, Scotts Valley remodel project, completed in 2011

Marc and his crew at MSB did a fantastic job of building a novel and technically challenging house for us. The end result is incredibly well-constructed, such that our friends who are builders and architects regularly comment on the quality of workmanship.  The process of building a new house was intense, but Marc helped make it enjoyable. He was highly organized, kind, patient and calming despite the demanding deadlines and rapid pace of construction. He choose subs who did great work and were also great to work with.  We loved MS Builders, our architects loved them and our neighbors loved them too.  We’ve recommended MS Builders to friends and family and would happily work with them again.

Bernie Tershy, Santa Cruz new construction project, completed in 2010

Working as a sub-contractor, my overall experience with MS Builders is always first class.  They do an excellent job of communicating with me and my guys so each project runs smooth and is completed on time.  Marc and his crew are true craftsmen and their attention to detail is top notch.  Not only would I recommend them to others, I would use them on my own house.

Doug Sanders of Doug Sanders Concrete

We couldn’t be happier with our remodel experience. Our project rebuilt the garage, added a second story, and at some point touched every room in our house. Marc and his crew were professional, pleasant, and so good at what they do. Marc sets clear expectations from the beginning, is quick to respond to calls or emails, and is just plain easy to work with. His crew understood the end result we wanted and made design suggestions along the way that greatly improved the finished space and even reduced the cost in some areas. They were flexible with the changes and worked very quickly. Beyond their top-notch building and organizational skills, the care with which they approached the project was uncommon. They treated our house and yard with respect, and cleaned up at the end of every workday so that our family (with three young kids) would be safe. And what a cheerful group! They kept the process as sane as possible, and are incredibly friendly — not an easy combination to find. The kids miss having the crew around, so we’ll probably have to stop by Marc’s future projects just to watch a bit. Thanks for a great new living space!

Carrie K. – Stockton Avenue Remodel, completed in 2013

M.S. Builders came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with Marc’s level of organization and clarity of communication. He kept me well informed of the work schedule, including what decisions I needed to make and when, and provided immediate responses to my questions via email, text and phone. Marc helped me understand some of the more complicated aspects of the project with infinite patience. He was also sensitive to our costs and invoiced us regularly which helped us stay on budget. Marc has a unique combination of skills rarely found in a contractor – he is an excellent communicator, fair and respectful managing sub-contractors, well organized, and a highly skilled and creative carpenter. I thoroughly enjoyed working on our kitchen remodel with Marc and his team from start to finish. They cared about our overall satisfaction and kept the job site clean at the end of each day. They even got us back into our home ahead of schedule! We love our new kitchen more than we could have imagined. Thank you M.S. builders for such a positive experience.

Susan Greene, Kitchen remodel completed 2013

As an electrician, I have worked with many trades on numerous projects. I have seen a wide range of quality when it comes to home building.  That is why I chose to have MS Builders remodel my ADU (accessory dwelling unit).  Marc and his crew were very communicative, efficient, detail oriented, and thoughtful of the finished product when working with the designs.  I found Marc to be very helpful with experience backed suggestions on how to stay within budget and not compromising on finished quality. From rebar to ridgecap, Marc was flexible to my schedule and timing, making sure that the work flow was continuous. It was great working alongside them and will certainly use them for my next project.

Benjamin Wong, ADU completed in 2013

From the initial planning stages to the final brushstroke of paint, working with Marc and his team at MS Builders was a very positive experience. Marc was organized, professional and easy to communicate with regarding all aspects of our master bathroom remodel project. We were extremely happy with the attention to detail and professionalism of all the subcontractors working with MS Builders as well. We would highly recommend Marc and his team for future home remodel projects.

Ron & Sandy K, bathroom remodel completed in 2013